Take a Look!

Okay everybody, this is the debut of my new blog and I just wanted to say a quick ‘Hello’.

Here’s what I will be posting…anything I want to.  The topics that I talk about range from politics to miscellaneous stuff that talks about rednecking around ole wonderful Ohio after receiving my edumacation from that book lernin place.

I do have one rule though when posting on my blog in the comments…  You can hate all you want on me but don’t attack another person in the comment box, let me do that and make the person look stupid myself.

As for causes, there are some that I do support…  I support gay marriage and equality; my best friends are gay and great people!

If you don’t like anything that I say…tell me in the comment box and I’ll see what I can do or you can GTFO XD

  1. I don’t think you should make people look stupid, I think you should merely be informative and state your opinion. It’s not right to attack anybody under any circumstances, keep an open mind and let everything sift through like your trying to separate *good from bad with an* unbiased stand point.

    • That is a good point. I know that everyone is entitled to their own opinion and so am I, the type of person that I aim to mess with are the ones that attack others for their comments…or I could just moderate the comments like I am doing now. Thank you for viewing my page 🙂

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