You’ve Received a Bronze Badge!

Today was an interesting day for me.  After going onto Google news to look up a new article to read, I noticed something in the right corner of my screen that said that I have received a bronze badge…then I saw what it was for.  Apparently, I have been given a bronze badge by Google for reading multiple articles on Newt Gingrich, I thought to myself before learning that this award was given for looking up Newt, “Oh yay!  I have an award for reading articles”.  After I saw who it was for, I thought to myself, “Oh sh*t!”.

Now, you are probably wondering why I have chosen to talk about this minute detail of my day…I don’t really know why I am either so just bear with me people!  I could say that this has gotten me a little upset because I don’t want to receive an award for researching our little Oompa Loompa friend, Mr. Gingrich.  I’ve observed him throughout the election and have seen that he is not what the country needs (thank God he is losing).  He just rubs me the wrong way (not in that way pervert). I’ve just found a few reasons why I would never vote for him in any election, even if he has the experience that the country needs.

Here are some of the reasons:

  1. Newt has more baggage than Kim Kardashian on Vacation!

We all see Mr. Gingrich with a large following of supporters for his cause to better America but what these fans don’t observe or are in denial of are his actions and faults that make him unfit as a person.  I know that everybody has demons and that we shouldn’t condemn someone for their past but this situation is an exception to the rule.  Whether it is the multiple marriages or the ties to Freddie Mac, the man just doesn’t seem like something that I would want running our country.  Let’s start with the marriages.  Let’s start with Jackie, his first wife and the number one ex of Newt.  All marriages go sour and some result in the cold process of divorce, the way that Newt did things to divorce her was not so kind (if you would expect him to ever be kind).  Jackie was handed divorce papers while she laid in her bed, stricken with cancer; Newt of course denies these actions but most of the country does believe her side of the story over his (I do)…his actions were despicable (to say it nicely).  His second marriage was a bit weirder and most voters do believe the allegations that were presented in a press conference.  Newt, while married to his second wife Marianne, asked her for an open marriage with his current wife Callista Gingrich.  I kind of find it a little hard to swallow that Mr. Gingrich could get a woman who wanted to be in a relationship with him during his marriage, let alone be with him in an enclosed room.  When asked about this detail of his past, he replied, “To take an ex-wife and make it two days before the primary, a significant question in a presidential campaign, is as close to despicable as anything I can imagine.”  Mr. Gingrich seems like he is hiding something, if a regular person with nothing to hide were to respond, they wouldn’t be so irritated that the question was asked.  “I did not sleep with that woman”, famous words by a famous “chubby chaser”, I don’t think that Newt is really fit to run the country if he can’t take simple questions about his exes without blowing up all over the paparazzi and reporters.

Proof of his ties to Freddie Mac as a consultant can be looked at here

2.  Interesting Ideas but Stupid in the Long Run.

Your elementary school teacher probably told you that there are no stupid ideas in class.  She was wrong!  During his presidential race (he can’t run very fast) for the white house, Mr. Gingrich proposed the idea of a moon based colony that would cost us billions.  According to NASA, every space launch is pretty much around $10,000.00 a pop $40 billion according to former NASA executive Charles Miller.  In an interview he said, “In 2011, I led a NASA team that designed a strategy that could return America to the moon in 10 years for $40 billion. We can do so by using existing launch vehicles. More importantly, this strategy could also enable a new commercial space-plane industry and fundamentally enhance U.S. national security.”, Newt’s idea is a little too costly if that is what it costs to get to the moon.  The response from Mitt Romney was that he’d fire one of his business executives if they came up with an idea like that.  I especially loved Mr. Gingrich’s attempt to bring child labor into question.  He said that he would like to see more children doing work around the school as a janitorial staff, there seems to be a problem with this little spark of insanity from ole Newt.  If you use the kids, what happens to the adult who should have the job?  We live in a country that is struggling to supply everyone with a job, our national average for unemployment may have dropped within the past year but that idea would make things even worse for the hard-working Americans who work at a job cleaning up puke off of a tile floor while the kid is taken to a nurse’s office.  There are some people who work in those jobs that don’t even have their High School education and making it difficult for them is not a wise idea, that means that they’d be on Welfare and getting checks from the government which would make our national debt even larger because there’d be more money going to those who can not work or don’t want to.  Basically, the man lacks brains as well as the ability to stay in one marriage for a long time.

3.  Newt is a Hypocrite!

I know that those words need something pretty good to back them up and prove that he is a hypocrite.  Newt believes that the sanctity of marriage is between a man and a woman and same-sex couples should not have a choice in the matter, he thinks that it should be the natural order of things.  My friend is a lesbian and one of my best friends is gay, their partners would like to marry them one day and have a family, marrying two men or women together is not wrong.  Newt believes that same-sex marriage would threaten the already weakened institution of marriage.  The man has a lot of balls to believe something like that when he is a threat to it himself.  After having 3 wives, suggesting an open relationship with the second, leaving the third for the second after handing her divorce papers while sick in her bed, and leaving the second for the third who isn’t even close to being as pretty as the first two; he has a lot to explain.  I am sure that the third time isn’t a charm for him and he will be leaving Callista at come point for a fourth wife, the man himself is weakening the sanctity of marriage by divorcing, cheating, and suggesting an open relationship with another woman while breaking vows in the process.  Divorce rates for gay couples is actually less than that of same-sex couples, the homosexual community is actually fighting for marriage and the people who want to marry also desire a faithful marriage with their other half.  I don’t think that, that destroys the institution of marriage at all, couples wanting to be together and staying together for years would actually strengthen it.  Newt is a hypocrite and we don’t need that as a President.

Everybody is entitled to their own opinion of him and if after looking at this article, you still have a shred of hope for this man then I have some respect for you.  Being able to overlook someone who is a cold and conniving little snake in the grass and wanting to push him up to presidency takes a lot of dedication.  Honestly, I am a conservative and the fact that he can get three wives and also hold some form of political office amazes me.  In our upcoming presidential election, please choose wisely, the future of the country is at stake.

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