Saxby Chambliss: ‘I Care A Lot More About’ America Than About Grover Norquist (VIDEO)

I have to agree with you there. The problem with these extremists is that they hold too much power and any conservative with a good amount of sense is too afraid to speak up against them. If the extremists with all of the power are taken out of the equation, what we would be left with could help the country get back on track. Not all of us conservatives are completely inflexible and senseless. The problem is that people are afraid to be ganged up on and labeled as wrong. The good conservatives seem to go along with what everyone else says because they feel pressured to.

Eliminating people with the Rush Limbaugh like mindset from power would make things a little bit easier. His uncontrolled tone and smugness tends to stick with a lot of the high profile republicans. If people wouldn’t be so afraid to speak out then there might be some hope of republicans and democrats getting along. This is just my observation of my own political party.
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